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Career Preparation

Career preparation: Your Future First

Studying at the Faculty of Economics and Business goes beyond academic learning. We help you to explore your options, develop skills and connect to companies so you can make your transition to the job market with confidence. You can recognize all career preparation activities by the ‘Your Future First’ stamp.

Your Future First

Career-elements within your programme

In order to prepare you for a successful professional career there are several career-elements within the programme that link to professional practice. You could think of guest speakers, internships, assignments for external organizations and professional skill classes. 

This all helps to increase your employability and confidence about your next step after graduation.

What do we offer outside the classroom?

In addition to the career knowledge and skills that can be developed within the programme, the Faculty Economics and Business study associations and our corporate partners also offer many career preparation activities outside the curriculum to support you on a personal career journey. For example:

  • Career coaching
  • Workshops
  • Events
  • Tests
  • CV-checks

We provide an overview of all these activities on the EB Career Centre canvas page.

Your Future First supports Your Career Journey: Explore, choose and enrich yourself and your CV.