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Career Preparation

Gain experience

There are many ways to gain practical experience. Which one suits you best? Explore the options within UvA.

  • Join the Faculty Student Council

    If you want to be more involved with the faculty organisation and its students, becoming a board member of the EB Faculty Student Council (FSR) could be something for you.

    Besides building practical (networking and organisational) skills, you'll become more aware of your own abilities.

    The faculty student council (FSR) represents student's interests on faculty policy to the faculty board. The FSR consists of a maximum of twelve students from various study programmes offered at the faculty.

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  • Work on real business cases in a Business Lab course

    Are you a MSc Business Administration student? Then you'll follow courses in ABS’s Business Lab in the second semester. You'll have the opportunity to choose two electives courses and work on two challenging real business cases.

    How does it work?

    During the second semester you can select two elective courses in the ABS’s Business Lab. This allows you to tailor the programme to your own interests and skills, and bridging the gap between theory and practice.

    During your chosen two electives, inspiring leading global companies submit a real business case to your classroom and challenge you to solve it in six weeks. Vodafone, L'Oréal, AB InBev, Shell and ABN AMRO are great examples of companies that have previously joined the Business Labs.

    What business labs can you choose from?


    The Branding course provides insight into how consumers perceive brands and the roles these brands play in their everyday lives. 

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    Business Cases in New Technology

    You'll be discussing (amongst other topics): Schumpeterian entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship as a method, university technology transfer, cases in technology entrepreneurship, the role of technology for business innovation.

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    Business Strategy and Sustainability

    In this course you learn how different theoretical insights from strategic management and other managemant fields (organization theory, marketing, international business) can be applied to analyze how firms deal with their social and environmental issues.

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    Cases in Creative Entrepreneurship

    In this course you learn about the causes of success and failure in creative entrepreneurship. You will study real-life cases and use those as starting points to better understand the determinants of success and failure.

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    Cases in Leadership

    In this course, you look at leadership from a managerial perspective. Plus you'll combine theory with leadership practice. Questions we raise and aim to answer include: What are qualities and abilities of effective leaders? What is charisma, how does it help leaders and can it be learned? 

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    Cases in Retail Marketing

    This course is meant for top talents with the ambition of making careers in retail. 

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    Change Management

    During this course you explore a variety of topics including change management, (sources of) resistance to change, leader visions of change, and strategies to overcome resistance and mobilise employees to change. 

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    Cross Cultural Management

    This course delves into the state of the art of different aspects involved in managing a global workforce. 

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    Design Driven Business Innovation

    Design thinking is a new multidisciplinary approach to innovation challenges of organisations. You'll develop your knowledge of design thinking and design methods through:

    • studying the textbook and articles
    • discussing case studies and management issues
    • writing an academic paper

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    Entrepreneurial Finance

    In this course you'll learn about theory and practice of the financing of new entrepreneurial firms. Special attention will be devoted to understanding the motivation of the different players (mainly financier, entrepreneur) and how to reconcile their interest.

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    Executing Strategy

    This course has a strong operational focus and includes a real-life case study, introduced by Vodafone Netherlands.

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    Globalisation and Offshoring

    This course prompts you to think systematically about the globalisation of markets and firms. As well as the related phenomenon of business process offshoring. 

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    International Business and Sustainable Development

    This course will prompt students to think critically about how organisational theories and international business strategies and frameworks relate to and are impacted by the pursuit of the sustainable development goals. 

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    Management Consulting

    In this course you'll get an overview of the management consulting industry and discuss current issues as well as future directions based on scholarly research. Also you'll to experience a strategy consulting project with practice-oriented exercises and a case study.

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    Managing Creativity

    In this course you'll gain an understanding of what creativity is, and learn how to manage creativity at different levels within organisations. 

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    Mergers and Acquisitions

    This course will provide insights in the various aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions. Topics include:

    • rationales and strategic motivations for M&A’s;
    • valuation of targets;
    • process of due diligence;
    • M&A negotiations;
    • structuring the M&A deal.

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    Business Negotiations

    This course is directed towards Master's students who want to develop professional negotiation skills. 

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    Online Marketing

    This course introduces a broad array of mechanism and techniques that constitute the paradigm of online marketing. 

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    Operational Excellence

    Managing a business involves identifying, analysing and developing improvement opportunities in processes and the organisation. For a selection of common business problems, we learn standard quantitative analysis approaches.

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    Organisation Design for the 21st Century

    In this course you'll learn the underlying theories as needed to be creative and innovative in implementing new and innovative organisation forms. 

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    Performance Management

    The course will cover topics important to performance management, with a focus on people. It addresses how to define, measure, and enhance performance, based upon the most recent academic insights.

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    Retail Strategy and Marketing

    This challenging course offers a unique educational programme for students interested in making careers in the retail industry. We focus on strategic and marketing retail topics.

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    Sustainable Business Models

    The course utilises different theoretical perspectives to examine the features, development and impact of sustainable business models. 

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    Managing People Strategically

    In this course you'll learn about strategic human resource management by looking at how organisations seek to achieve a competitive advantage through people. Also we look at the role of human resource management policy and practice in promoting ethics and socially responsible work practice.

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  • Learn how to start/develop your own business

    With the intensive Minor Entrepreneurship you gain experience in setting up or further developing a real start-up with a team of students from different backgrounds.

    You will develop a product or service that can actually be sold on the market or attract users.