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Explore the Labour Market

Before you enter the labour market, it's helpful to first get an overview of the market, and to find a few entrance points. One way of finding these entry points is through your network.

To help you find your way through the constantly changing maze of job opportunities and careers, Economics and Business and its study associations offer you a number of ways to acquaint yourself with the market. For example, you can attend networking events, visit in-house days of various companies, and make use of Economics and Business’ alumni network.

  • Take part in networking events

    Attending and actively participate in events is the easiest way to learn about different business sectors, organisations and the people who work there. Both the university and Economics and Business study associations organise these events, and in the case of study associations, taking an active part in organising can help expand your network with different companies, government agencies and so on.

  • Attend in-house days

    A lot of companies organise in-house days, which let you acquaint yourself with a certain company in one day. These events are a great way to experience the work floor and meet current employees. You can check, the website of a company see if they host in-house days (or contact them via the phone), or you can have a look at the events calendar of your study association, who might organise an event like this.

  • Start networking

    When looking for job opportunities, your personal and professional networks can help you get ahead. Often, you build your network organically by interacting with people, for instance at university and at various jobs you take. To help you along, the UvA and Economics and Business study associations host specific networking events throughout the year, which you can find in our calendar.

  • Get personal coaching from a careers adviser

    Our careers advisers know the Dutch market and can help you explore the industries you prefer. They can also help you get in touch with different companies. In meetings that last between fifteen and thirty minutes, our careers advisers can help you on your way to your career.