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Studying or working abroad can be a challenge. To help you navigate life and work in the Netherlands, we have collected some useful information and options for you about part-time work, legal regulations, internships and networks. This information is relevant if you're an EU student or a student from outside of the EU/EEA region.
  • Workshops and events for international students

    Finding a job in the Netherlands

    Are you orientating on starting your career in the Netherlands as a non-Dutch speaker? In this online workshop, you’ll be introduced to the job market in the Netherlands.


    The International Talent Event Amsterdam (ITEA) is a unique opportunity to meet employers, gain insight into the international labour market in Amsterdam, build your network and propel yourself into your future career.

  • Dutch language skills

    Although you can speak English with virtually everyone in the Netherlands, learning Dutch helps you to get to know the country and its culture on a deeper level.

    Additionally, when looking for an internship, volunteer work or a (part-time) job, knowing Dutch is useful – sometimes it is even a requirement. Even if you start your career in an international company elsewhere, having foreign language skills is always a benefit.

    There are several opportunities at the University of Amsterdam to improve your Dutch. Take a look at the options available and decide what works best for you.

  •  A career in the Netherlands

    If you are interested in a career in the Netherlands, you can find a lot of valuable information, workshops and even possible contacts via the Holland Alumni Network. The information covers things such as Dutch business culture and recruitment principles, as well as salary and taxation.

  • Going Dutch: Essential Skills for a career in the Netherlands

    For international students, we offer a special programme that familiarises you with the Dutch work culture and teaches you important, specific skills that you need for a career in this country. Read the folder about the programme and keep an eye out for our Going Dutch workshops and events calendar.

  • Dutch employment regulations

    If you are a student from a non-EU/EEA country, you’ll face some strict rules if you want to work in the Netherlands during your studies. Please familiarise yourself with the conditions you have to fulfil that apply to your specific situation.

  • Part-time jobs and working after graduation

    If your study schedule allows it, you might be interested in a part-time job. Before you start looking, please read up on the UvA’s information on work permits. There is a maximum number of hours you are allowed to work as a non-EU student without a work permit. Do not exceed this limit, or the authorities will consider your residence permit invalid!

    Apply at bars, restaurants or retail stores

    This may be the easiest way to find a student job in The Netherlands. Just enter a bar, restaurant or store and ask if they can use some extra help. Especially in big cities like Amsterdam, speaking Dutch isn't always necessary if you want to work at a bar, café, restaurant or shop.

    Employment agencies

    Employment agencies have access to many vacancies. If you don’t speak Dutch, the recruitment website Undutchables may help you find the perfect job. You can also visit an employment agency like Randstad, YoungCapital or Tempo Team. Even though their websites are in Dutch, they do provide services to non-Dutch speakers.

    Working after graduation

    After graduating from the UvA, international students can stay in the Netherlands to find a job. There are, of course, rules and regulations that you have to keep in mind.

  • Internships and international-friendly employers

    If you want to find out what kind of internships you can do, have a look at our detailed internship page. You should also check the UvA’s page on work and internships for international students, and the additional requirements for non-EU/EEA students.

    Where did previous international students do their internships?

    Internships International students
  • Networking

    International Student Network Amsterdam

    Each semester, the University of Amsterdam welcomes over a thousand international students like you to Amsterdam. The International Student Network Amsterdam (ISN Amsterdam) helps you make the most out of your exchange by organising cultural and social activities.