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Your CV has to be a concise summary of your experience, achievements, skills and interests, both professional and academic; it’s an important tool for promoting yourself. But did you know that most employers only scan it for roughly 10 seconds? Does your CV meet these requirements?

To optimise your CV for that limited time, the Economics and Business Career centre can help you in a few different ways. Firstly, we advise you to use CareerSet’s online CV check.


CareerSet’s tools are used by institutes like the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics. As a student of the University of Amsterdam, you can use their CV check for free.

  • CV Check

    The application works very straightforward. You upload your CV to the tool, which will then score your CV on text, presentation, impact and skills. Your resume will be compared to that of your peers, and you’ll get advice on how to improve it. Simply follow these steps:

    • Visit the website
    • Log in with your email address
    • Upload your CV
    • Use the feedback and upload again (you can do this as often as you want)

    CareerSet offers the extra feature of tailoring your resume to a specific role. You can use the job description of a position to compare your CV to, which will help you set up your resume with the most relevant information.

Other CV tips

Aside from CareerSet, you can improve your CV on your own and with our advice. For instance, have a look at examples of CVs, our CV checklist, and the following video. You can also join a CV information session. If you want personal feedback, you can meet with a career coach.