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Create and improve your CV

Your CV is a concise summary of your experience, achievements, skills and interests, both professional and academic; it’s an important tool to promote yourself. But did you know that most employers only scan it for roughly 10 seconds?

To optimise your CV for that limited time, the Economics and Business Career centre can help you in a few different ways. Firstly, we advise you to use VMock’s CV Check.


VMock’s tools are used by institutes like Harvard University, Yale, INSEAD and the London Business School. For Economics and Business students, those tools are free.

  • CV Check

    In VMock’s online CV Check your CV is evaluated with smart data analytics. It gets a score, based on presentation, impact and skills, and it is compared to those of your peers and of professionals from all over the world. The tool then lets you know what you need to improve your CV and how you can do that. To get this feedback, follow these steps:

    • Visit (be aware that you can only get all benefits if you create your account on the /uva extension!)
    • Log in with your email address.
    • Upload your English CV in pdf.

    You can upload your CV up to 10 times per year for feedback.

  • Career Fit

    Career Fit is an even more comprehensive tool. It gives you feedback on your CV, and advice on your career in general. This can be very helpful, in case you’re not sure what kind of professional life you might be interested in. Furthermore, Career Fit informs you about skills you might need for the different careers you might go for. 

    You’ll find Career Fit via the same route as the CV Check.

    Other CV tips

    Aside from VMock, you can improve your CV on your own and with our advice. For instance, have a look at examples of CVs, our CV checklist, and the following video. You can also join a CV information session. If you want personal feedback, you can meet with a careers adviser.