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Practice the interview

Often, the last step in applying for a job is the job interview, this nerve-racking conversation with your future employer. It’s an important moment, and even though it might feel like an unpredictable chat, you can prepare for it.

It’s up to you to convey your qualities and suitability to your employers, and to find out whether or not the position matches your needs and expectations. The interview is, therefore, not just a sales pitch.

A simple way to prepare for this is to have a copy of the vacancy, and write down which of your skills and talents suit the demands listed for the job. Next, you can write down answers to possible questions that you might face, for instance about your career and motivation. And finally you can formulate the questions that you have for your interviewers – this also demonstrates your assertiveness and attentiveness.

Practice the interview with a Career Coach

Moreover, you can practice the job interview with a Career Coach from UvA Career Services. They will prepare the session on the basis of your CV, cover letter and the vacancy, in order to give you in-depth tips and advice.