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Extracurricular Bachelor's Internship

The Extracurricular Bachelor's Internship is for students who wish to do an internship outside of their regular programme and for students who do not wish to receive ECTS for their internship.

You should not start looking for an internship before it’s completely certain that you meet all the requirements. This will save you both time and help you avoid disappointment.

  • Requirements
    • You must be enrolled as a student.
    • The internship takes place in June, July and/or August, in your 4th year, and/or after you have finished your Bachelor’s programme (before you start your Master’s programme).
    • The internship lasts between 3 to 6 months.
    • The internship activities should be in line with the general learning goals of your study programme.
    • Additional requirements apply for non-EU/EEA students. For instance, the internship cannot take more than 32 hours per week.
  • How to apply

    1. Make sure you meet the requirements. These requirements are strict, and if you do not meet all of them the UvA cannot sign your internship contract.

    2. If you meet all the requirements, send a message with the following information to the EB Career Centre through the Digital Student Service Desk:

    • (Preferred) start and end date of your internship
    • Your study programme
    • Your current study year
    • Total number of ECTS you’ve acquired in your current study programme
    • Expiration date of your study visa (only applicable for non-EU/EEA students)

    The EB Career Centre will then double-check if you meet all the requirements.

    3. Start looking for an internship

    4. Once you have found an internship and have been accepted by the company, you then have to sign a contract with the company and the UvA (EB Career Centre).

    5. When the contract is signed by you and the company, upload it to the EB Career Centre via the Digital Student Service Desk. Non-EU/EAA students need to upload a merged file of the Nuffic Agreement, a copy of their residence permit, and a description of the internship activities.

    The EB Career Centre will sign it and send it back to you. 

  • During and after your internship

    During and after the internship, the academic supervisor, company supervisor and you will evaluate the progress of your internship. Read more about how you do this in our guide.