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Take part in workshops

You take workshops for different purposes. Of course, you can gain professional skills like programming in Python, or presenting, but you can also work out what kind of a career might suit you, or learn to profile yourself on LinkedIn. Workshops can yield both hard skills and soft skills, both of which you can use for your professional and personal development.

The University and Economics and Business study associations host plenty of workshops, but you can also take a number of them online.

  • What you can do on your own

    edX is a trusted source of quality online workshops, set up by Harvard University and MIT. You can take hundreds of different courses, often for no charge – you’ll pay in case you want a certificate to prove your completion of the course. We’ve selected a few possible classes for you, but you’re free to browse edX’ online classes.

    Introduction to R for Data Science
    Learn the R statistical programming language, the lingua franca of data science in this hands-on course.

    Marketing Fundamentals: Who Is Your Customer?
    Learn key marketing concepts to implement customer acquisition strategies to find the right customers and grow your business.

    Blockchain for Business
    A primer to blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Learn how to start building blockchain applications with Hyperledger frameworks.

    Academic and Business Writing
    An introduction to academic and business writing for English Language Learners, focusing on grammar, vocabulary, structure, editing, and publication.

  • What you can do at the UvA

    Like the online workshops, the university and study organisations host numerous and diverse workshops, which can serve different purposes. For the complete overview we refer you to our list of workshops and events, and the career orientation page of the UvA’s Career Centre. The UvA’s career workshops are divided into three categories:

    Personal development and self-assessment

    The workshops grouped under this header are meant to help you figure out your professional profile. Your Career Guide: Values and Skills focuses on what your personal values are and which transferable skills you have and can acquire.

    Job application skills

    Applying for a job includes several things, like writing a cover letter, drafting your CV, creating an effective LinkedIn profile, and doing an assessment. You can practice these things, and you can attend workshops to really sharpen your skill at them.

    Labour market orientation

    When you’re about to enter the labour market, having an overview of what’s out there, how you can meet the right people and connect with them, and what kind of things you’ll have to deal with, is quite important. Therefore, you can partake in workshops on networking and the Dutch graduate labour market.

    If you’re an international student, the Career Workout can specifically help you figure out how to profile and present yourself, and how the labour market would be like for you.